Bolsa de Valores de Mocambique
ARCO 100,00
CDM 49,00
CMH 4.000,00
EMOSE 15,00
HCB 3,00
TOUCH 150,00
ZERO 20,00
MWIH ---
BAYPORT 2019 Série II 19,0000%
BAYPORT 2020 Série I 16,0000%
BAYPORT 2020 Série II 24,3000%
BAYPORT 2021 Série I 22,1400%
BAYPORT 2021 Série II 23,2000%
BAYPORT 2021 Série III 23,2000%
BAYPORT 2021 Série IV 22,82%
VISABEIRA 2020 21,1000%
OT 2005 S2 10,9100%
OT 2017 S6 22,1250%
OT 2017 S7 22,1250%
OT 2019 S1 6.6250%
OT Fornecedores 2019 7,5625%
OT 2020 S6 10,0000%
OT 2020 S8 20,1875%
OT 2020 S10 19,6250%
OT 2020 S11 6,9375%
OT 2021 S1 20,0000%
OT 2021 S2 19,3750%
OT 2021 S3 19,5000%
OT 2021 S4 19,1250%
OT 2021 S5 17,5625%
OT 2021 S6 19,5625%
OT 2021 S7 18,8750%
OT 2021 S8 19,0000%
OT 2021 S10 14,5000%
OT 2021 S11 6,9375%
OT 2022 6,2500%
OT 2022 S1 19,9000%
OT 2022 S2 19,0000%
OT 2022 S3 20,0000%
OT 2022 S3 19,5500%
OT 2022 S4 18,9000%
OT 2022 S5 17,0000%
OT 2022 S6 17,0000%
OT 2022 S7 17,7500%
OT 2022 S8 17,6250%
OT 2022 S9 17,750%
OT 2022 S10 19,0000%
OT 2022 S11 17,5000%
OT 2023 S1 19,0000%
OT 2023 S2 19,0000%
OT 2023 S3 20,0000%
OT 2023 S4 19,0000%
OT 2023 S5 16,0000%
OT 2023 S6 17,0000%
OT 2023 S7 17,0000%
OT 2023 - S8 16,0000%
OT 2023 S9 18,0000%
OT 2024 S1 18,0000%
OT 2024 S2 19,5000%
OT 2024 S3 18,0000%
OT 2024 S4 17,0000%
OT 2024 S5 17,0000%
OT 2024 S6 16,5000%
BNI 2022 S1 20,0000%
BNI 2021 S2 14,20%
BNI 2021 S3 15,0000%
BAYPORT 2022 Série I 21,9900%
BAYPORT 2023 Série I 23,2500%
BAYPORT 2023 Série II 22,0000%
PC BIG-2023-2024 15,5000%
PC BAYPORT 2023 S1 21,0000%
PC BAYPORT 2023 S1 23,7500%
BAYPORT 2023 - Série III 21,5000%
PC BAYPORT 2023 S2 22,0000%
PC MYBUCKS 2023 S1 20,0000%
ZAYA ----
PC ACESS BANK 2023-2024 S2 15,0000%
Letshego 2023 S1 22,500
Letshego 2023 SII 22,500
Letshego 2023 SIII 22,500
ACESS BANK  2023-2024 - S3 15,0000%
PC FIRST CAPITAL BANK 2024 S1 14,0000%

What is a Central Securities Depository?

A Central Securities Depository is an organization specialized in the registration, management and control of securities both in physical and electronic format in order to facilitate and make more transparent and secure their transactions, such as purchase, sale, transfer, among others.


What are securities?

Securities are financial instruments issued by companies and the state that grant the holder the right to receive interest and/or dividends in a certain amount and, in some cases, also grant the right to participate in the strategic decisions of issuers. Examples of securities are shares, government bonds, corporate bonds, commercial paper, among others.

The securities are also called equity securities (which guarantee the holder the ownership of company shares and sometimes participate in strategic decisions of the same, as well as the right to dividends) and debt securities (which are issued by entities that require funding and grant the holder the right to interest). In Portuguese the expression "títulos" is also used to refer to securities.


Who should register at the Central Securities Depository?

All public companies and other issuers of securities shall apply for registration thereof in the Central Securities Depository. The registration process can be conducted either by the company, a financial intermediary (banks, brokerage firms and broker-dealers) or by a lawyer.


How to register securities in the Central Securities Depository?

The instruction of the registration process can be found in Article 14 and Article 15 of the Securities Central Operation Regulations.

Is the registration in the Central Securities Depository compulsory?

The registration in the Central Securities Depository is compulsory as stated under Article 13 of the Central Securities Depository Operation Regulation.

The deadline for this registration is the 5th of November 2015.

What are the registration costs?

Registration costs of securities in the Central Securities Depository are set out in the Operating Rules of the Central Securities Depository, Ministerial Decree No. 130/2013 of September 4.

The securities registered in the Central Securities Depository must be traded in the Exchange?

Only the securities registered in the Central Securities Depository and listed on the Exchange must be traded. The securities registered in the Central Securities Depository and not listed on the Stock Exchange can be traded in the OTC market.


Are there any costs associated with the transfer of securities from a broker to the other?

The transfer of securities from a broker to another is free and should be done only at the request of the holder to the broker that performs custody of the securities to be transferred.

Who has access to the system of the Central Securities Depository?

The Central Securities Depository is accessed by brokerage firms, broker-dealers and banks acting as brokers and custodians of securities.


Can the Investor request the Central Securities Depository information regarding the securities in his possesssion (ownership)?

No. The investor must send their requests for information about their ownership status to the bank, brokerage firm and/or broker-dealer in which the securities are stored/registered.

What is the function of the Central Securities Depository cards?

The Central Securities Depository card is a security holders’ identification instrument, containing the holder's name and their customer number in the Central Securities Depository. This card must always be presented to the financial intermediary (banks, brokerage companies and broker-dealers) whenever the holder wants to perform a transaction of securities.


What are the ISIN and CFI codes?

The ISIN code (International Securities Identification Numbers) is a sequence of organized letters and numbers that identify internationally and uniquely each security issued.

The CFI code (Classification of Financial) is an international code that describes the characteristics of a type of security.


Who assigns ISIN and CFI codes?

The Mozambique Stock Exchange is accredited by ANNA (Association of National Numbering Agencies) as the National Numbering Agency of Mozambique, giving it the right to assign the ISIN, CFI and other relevant codes to securities.


Is there any costs associated with the allocation of ISIN and CFI codes?

The allocation of ISIN and CFI codes is free of charge.