Bolsa de Valores de Mocambique
ARCO 100,00
CDM 55,00
CMH 3.500,00
EMOSE 11,00
HCB 2,90
TOUCH 150,00
ZERO 20,00
MWIH ---
BAYPORT 2019 Série II 19,0000%
BAYPORT 2020 Série I 16,0000%
BAYPORT 2020 Série II 24,3000%
BAYPORT 2021 Série I 22,1400%
BAYPORT 2021 Série II 23,2000%
BAYPORT 2021 Série III 23,2000%
BAYPORT 2021 Série IV 22,82%
VISABEIRA 2020 20,0000%
OT 2005 S2 10,9100%
OT 2017 S6 20,0000%
OT 2017 S7 20,0000%
OT 2019 S1 6.6250%
OT Fornecedores 2019 7,5625%
OT 2020 S6 10,0000%
OT 2020 S8 20,1875%
OT 2020 S10 19,6250%
OT 2020 S11 5,1250%
OT 2021 S1 20,0000%
OT 2021 S2 19,3750%
OT 2021 S3 19,5000%
OT 2021 S4 19,1250%
OT 2021 S5 17,5625%
OT 2021 S6 19,5625%
OT 2021 S7 18,8750%
OT 2021 S8 19,0000%
OT 2021 S10 14,5000%
OT 2021 S11 5,1250%
OT 2022 6,2500%
OT 2022 S1 19,9000%
OT 2022 S2 19,0000%
OT 2022 S3 20,0000%
OT 2022 S3 19,5500%
OT 2022 S4 18,9000%
OT 2022 S5 17,0000%
OT 2022 S6 17,0000%
OT 2022 S7 17,7500%
OT 2022 S8 17,6250%
OT 2022 S9 17,750%
OT 2022 S10 19,0000%
OT 2022 S11 17,5000%
OT 2023 S1 19,0000%
OT 2023 S2 19,0000%
OT 2023 S3 20,0000%
OT 2023 S4 19,0000%
OT 2023 S5 16,0000%
OT 2023 S6 17,0000%
OT 2023 S7 17,0000%
OT 2023 - S8 16,0000%
OT 2023 S9 18,0000%
OT 2024 S1 18,0000%
OT 2024 S2 19,5000%
OT 2024 S3 18,0000%
OT 2024 S4 17,0000%
OT 2024 S5 17,0000%
OT 2024 S6 16,5000%
OT 2024 S7 16,0000%
BNI 2022 S1 20,0000%
BNI 2021 S2 13,1000%
BNI 2021 S3 15,0000%
BAYPORT 2022 Série I 21,9900%
BAYPORT 2023 Série I 23,2500%
BAYPORT 2023 Série II 22,0000%
PC BIG-2023-2024 15,5000%
PC BAYPORT 2023 S1 21,0000%
PC BAYPORT 2023 S1 23,7500%
BAYPORT 2023 - Série III 21,5000%
PC BAYPORT 2023 S2 22,0000%
ZAYA ----
PC ACESS BANK 2023-2024 S2 15,0000%
Letshego 2023 S1 22,500
Letshego 2023 SII 22,500
Letshego 2023 SIII 22,500
ACESS BANK  2023-2024 - S3 15,0000%
PC FIRST CAPITAL BANK 2024 S1 14,0000%
PC FIRST CAPITAL BANK 2024 S2 15,0000%
PC BIG-2024-2025 14,0000%
The Mozambique Stock Exchange (BVM) initialed, this Thursday, July 7, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Angola Debt and Securities Exchange (BODIVA) and the Cape Verde Stock Exchange (BVC).

The signing of the agreement was led by the presidents of the boards of the BVM, SalimCriptonValá,of the BVC, Miguel Monteiro, and by the President of the Executive Committee of BODIVA, Walter Pacheco. The MoU was initialed in a virtual ceremony, with the formal face-to-face event scheduled for this year in Maputo, the Mozambican capital.

This is an instrument that aims to strengthen relations and deepen existing cooperation in areas of competence of these institutions, with a view to the development of the three entities that signed the agreement and the capital markets of the three countries.
The strategic partnership focuses, without prejudice to other areas, on the specialization of human resources, promotion of the internationalization of markets, within the scope of the promotion of new markets, products, services and financial instruments, education and financial literacy, as well as the improvement of the regulatory framework, management and governance experiences and technological modernization.

Within the framework of this partnership, the parties shall provide capacity building, support, mobilization, technical assistance and exchange of experiences; share knowledge and efficient performance practices, through various platforms such as conferences, trainings, seminars, fairs, literature and publications; exchange information and knowledge on the functioning and operations of the stock market that will enable the improvement of the institutions' performance, impact and sustainability.
Likewise, they shall carry out analyses, studies, and promote events and technical and managerial discussion forums on issues relevant to the development of the capital market and stock exchanges; conduct study visits and promote meetings to discuss governance and management models, technologies, regulation, market innovations, financial education, and human resources training, for the benefit of the stock exchanges signatory to this agreement.

Speaking at the event, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mozambique Stock Exchange, Salim Cripton Valá, expressed his satisfaction with the achievement and pointed out that the act represents a significant step towards the materialization of the partnership between the signatory institutions, especially in the dynamization of the secondary market, the internationalization of the Stock Exchanges, and the attraction of investment to our countries.

Valá highlighted that, from now on, the foundations are laid for the effective implementation of the agreement's guidelines, which have the ability to revolutionize the stock market.
For his part, Miguel Monteiro, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the BVC, said that the instrument, in addition to representing the deepening of relations between the institutions, is in line with the strategic plan of the institution he directs, in the 2021-2025 four-year period.
Monteiro indicated that the success of the instrument now initialed depends directly on the signatory entities, alerting to the need for active involvement of the parties for its effective materialization.
Walter Pacheco, Chairman of the Executive Committee of BODIVA, said that the instrument opens the way for the creation of a dynamic and consolidated market between Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde.

It should be noted that this Memorandum of Understanding materializes the commitments made by the parties at the meeting held on Sal Island, Cape Verde, in July 2018.

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